Monday, 3 November 2014

Mozilla Firefox In-auguaration

Hello Mozillians,

I am very glad to share my experience regarding the in-inauguration ceremony of Mozilla Firefox in Hyderabad  Institute of Technology and Management(HITAM).I am feeling proud to be a part of this Successful event held on 01-11-14.

 Inaugural Function started with lighting the Lamp by Principal

Followed by, the lighting of lamp by Director 

Followed by, the lighting of lamp by R&D HOD

Followed by, the lighting of lamp by Charan and Myself

I was little nervous because on the same day Gadget Rush was also happening, even me and Sai charan want to take part in the Gadget rush. Unfortunately the permissions have been set on 01-11-2014 at 10:00am in HITAM, So anyway the in-auguration has been done and after that some of them have asked their doubts and Sai charan has cleared them very well. Many were intrested to take part in the Mozilla club and even some of my faculty members were intrested to take part in it.
After In-auguration we had the lunch in our college and then we started for Gadget Rush. From that moment i was feeling responsible to take part in the Mozilla and i do. Once again thanks a lot Sai charan and those have supported me for In-auguration.
Its time to conclude the event... The session concluded with a momento has been given by Principal to Sai charan as token of respect from HITAM 

Finally,Had a great time and wonderful experience, learnt a lot and enjoyed.
Hoping for a Great Support and Encouragement from Mozilla India!!!

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